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Frangipanis and Frangipani Tree - Native to Central America and the Caribbean, the frangipani (Plumeria spp.) tree, with its colourful flowers, tropical perfumes, and drought tolerance is quickly becoming Australia's favourite plant.

East Kimberley Frangipanis, on the outskirts of Kununurra, supplies quality frangipani plants to retail nurseries, garden centres and individual customers, to meet the increasing demand for this ever popular tropical icon.

From the giant flowered 'Puu Kahea' frangipanis to the petite petals of 'Dwarf Singapore Pink' and from the deep colours of 'Black Red' to the traditional purity of 'Singapore White' there is a frangipani tree to suit everybody.

There are lots of reason to shop on-line at East Kimberley Frangipani:

wide variety of frangipani plants to choose from in a range of sizes
quality guaranteed
excellent customer service
no spray treatment required for interstate sales (NT excepted)
expert advice and ongoing support
products available includes frangipani plants (tree), frangipani seeds, fresh flowers, books, greetings cards and photos

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